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Originally Posted by damenace View Post
100MB? No, I am saying it runs up to more than 1000MB and then crashes somewhere around 1.6GB.
I don't know if there are any corrupted files? Winamp scans them all and seems to show and play them all. One way or another, it increases ram steadily.
I'll look for a tool to record a small video for you guys to see and believe.
I took the 100MB comment from a later post. Have now re-read your original and see the 1500MB comment. Still nothing to worry about. Programs use memory, that is what it is there for, and if some other program needs that memory, then it will be allocated to it. And there is no real need for your video, that is a waste of your time. Memory is used by all computer programs.

Just for my own curiosity, I am going to get Winamp installed on my Win7 64-bit laptop as that only has 3GB like your PC. I'll point it at my music store on the network and watch the RAM use.

There are many people with huge music collections who are noticeably not here reporting issues, so I am still pretty certain you will find more of a file issue than your "running out of RAM" theory. (Basically - it is almost impossible to run out of RAM. Even if Winamp did go memory chomping mad... all you would see is an ever increasing amount of Virtual Memory.)

I am not trying to be a "fanboi" making excuses for Winamp, I am trying to help you trace your problems. And I know when I had those corrupted files in my collection, everything "looked" fine. All the other tracks seemed to be read okay. Just these odd ones would lead to a crash.
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