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@damenace: laptop just getting Windows updates out of the way, and then I will scan.

This is a virgin scan. Winamp Pro is freshly installed (No Agent, Orgler, Winamp Detector Pluggin). Zero addons - not even added the Essentials Pack yet. The scan will be done pointing at files on my server - a wide mix of files types. 66,000 tracks / 16,000 albums.

I notice you say:
Method of Reproduction:
- Select a folder with more than 2000albums as a Watched Folder
- Scan
- RAM will fill up and then at around 1500MB RAM Winamp will crash

Is that scan being done in the foreground or background? Are you scanning from the Preferences page or the menu on the Library button in the main Media Library?

Note - there is no process in Windows that would "crash" an application for asking for too much RAM. All that Windows does is share out the available RAM the programs ask for, and when they ask for too much, Virtual Memory is used instead. (I used to be a C\C++ Windows programmer, and still do a bit of coding in hobby time)
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