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Pluggins - yes, you want to find the "onefornunz" tool listed in the stickies in the Tech Support pages. (I find this one easier to use: )

This is certainly a puzzle.... what on earth makes your memory jump so HIGH at each refresh? Still 45mins into my scan at it is only at 64,000KB. (I am only on the P's in my MP3 folder, so a long way to go yet as there is a "messy" folder to come)

And what is "different" with your MP3 folders? For example, how big is the artwork?

My MP3s are all ripped with Winamp at high quality, artwork added via Winamp's own lookups or cut and pastes from Amazon and other sources.

Majority is MP3, but now migrating to FLAC as and when I get time to rip.

There is also a HUGE folder of random crud copied from mates.

None of this is causing the memory spikes you are seeing.

Edit: Sorry - having to abandon this for now. Need to go see a client. The important thing is in an hour I have not seen any huge memory jumps like you were getting in 8 minutes.

Time: 1hr 15mins; RAM climbed from 46,000K to 74,000K; Physical Memory from 41% to 43%. 11,000 tracks in 1000 albums.

I will delete the library on my return from the client and the restart the scan. (I'll speed it up next time by running laptop on mains, and connect the LAN cable, kill the AV, etc to see if I can get it completed in a sensible time )

YO - MODS - Can you prune this conversation out into its own thread please... We seem to be getting complex here. Thanks

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