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Originally Posted by damenace View Post
each track has an image. i make sure every track i have is properly tagged and properly equipped with artwork. most are min 500x500. some larger some smaller. not sure about the filesizes. most should be hires
Just to clarify terms. I would not call 500x500 hi-res. At least 720x480 and usually
1280x720 and larger are hi-res, imo.

While it is possible to embed a 16 MB image in an ID3V2 tag, I have never seen one
that big.

Are you saying you may have some embedded images equal or greater than your
monitor's resolution?

Also not sure what you mean by properly tagged. The maximum size of a ID3V2 tag
is 256 MB. Don't know, but I'll bet Winamp is not designed to handle tens of thousands
of tags anywhere near that big, all at once.

Not saying your tags are anywhere near that big. But if you have some very large
images embedded here and there, that maybe the problem.
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