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i have been using mp3tag to tag my files and album art browser to add to the rest.

i am not sure if there is a way to check the total files sizes or anything but did a quick check.
some are just 40-100kb and some are 300-900kb.
i guess that the larger ones are the ones i added with album art browser as i like to add them hires.

some were png and some jpg when i added them.
if album art is missing i let the tool search, it then stores either a png or jpg and then i have mp3tag automatically embedd it into every file.

that could of course be an issue as winamp of course loads the artwork for every file. rightly so and it should work.
never thought of that maybe causing the problem myself.

in album art hires is 500x500 and above and of course minimum compression. so lores would be the 60kb and hires the 600kb versions.
and properly tagged just means that all the fields carry information. some people have libraries where even the main fields like artist or title are missing. i do not and winamp of course reads all the info. but that's just a lot of info, not a lot of MB/kB
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