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Oooo - this has gone well while I have been in bed on the other side of the pond.

When Winamp was first built, the album art was tiny. Maybe a single 60KB image per album. Now we seem to be talking of single track art at between 60-600KB each image. So could mean ten tracks with 600KB images in them adding up to 6MB. That example above with the 1MB image could give that album 10MB of storage required. This fits the video.

Sounds like the devs need to pack a few albums with some meaty images and run tests that way. I expect old code used to dealing with a single small image per album is now going pop. A memory leak of a few KB from not cleaning up the memory from a few album images was fine in the old days of small images and small hard disks. Now we have a potential of 60,000 x 1MB images that memory leak becomes vicious.

Note: Jpegs and PNGs have an image compression option. This is why you can see some JPGs looking very "jaggy" online due to much heavier compression. A Bitmap will always be the exact perfect image, but huge. So a JPEG is used to compress that to a smaller file, discarding some of the details that the human eye can't see. When you use a program like IrfanView to save your image, you get a slider scaled 1 to 10 to choose quality vs file size.

A JPEG is exactly like am MP3 file. Size vs quality.

(I doubt the flac, ogg, m4a matters here as I expect they are acting in the exact same way.)

This is going to be an issue that will only get worse. Images will get bigger, so I expect Winamp will need to address this. Especially as there is no excuse for a crash\lock up like is seen in the video.
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