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Originally Posted by damenace View Post
not sure why i should check all my files for corruption.
I don't think you need to check now. We have found the difference between your music collection and my test one. The maths add up to allow for the problems shown in your video. There has to be a memory leak in the image handling code. An array must be overflowing its storage, and then eventually stomping on something vital in memory which is when you see your "whiteout" on the video.

A single corrupted file would sometimes crash winamp. Your crashes are at different places each time, and your scanning of those folders separately shows no corruption.

I also don't think you need to go to the state of copying your entire library to a non-art version. Use my test case as a comparison. My music has tiny art on a per album basis and climbs in very small steps. Whereas you have all that nice quality art in every track, and your memory leaps up in chunks to match that.

Memory is being allocated for images, and then not released.
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