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Hi MrSinatra,

There are apps that just search for cover art that will id vary large files. For me, I try to
embed the smallest file size art that looks good displayed on my 23" (1980x1080) widescreen
monitor. Next year will also try using a big screen TV (planning a holiday upgrade).

I'm very happy with WA the way it is (for most things). Just trying to stay aware of possible
'bumps in the road'.

I'm also aware of the stated viewpoints of some of the WA devs. One does not care for
art in general. One is happy with the ID3V1 specs, thou appreciates the extra room in the
ID3V2 tag fields.

They all appreciate the 'need' to have WA appeal to a large diverse group of users. Proof is
the increased support for portables, including the recent support for 'Mac Sync'. Maybe the
users' desire for hi-res art has not reached critical mass yet, but it will. The default big Bento
skin is helping drive this. IMO, too many users are more impressed with 'eye candy' than the
less obvious, but more important features, WA has.
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