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MrSinatra, sometimes you just 'slay' me. You usually do a better job defending your point of view. This is one of your weaker arguments.

1. art is usually displayed very small in winamp, relatively speaking, for most users.
First, so what, 'usually' does not mean 'always'. Second where is your survey proof that let's you speak to what 'most' users do.

2. the art winamp gets is ALWAYS small, 200x200
Again, so what. WA also supports art (in some cases, not so well) provided by 3rd party sources that is larger than 200x200.

3. so if you were to change winamp to handle big high res stuff, you'd also have to change the defaults to use it, otherwise whats the point?
Why is it a given that the defaults have to change? I know, bad form to answer a question with a question (sue me). WA just needs to better handle art up to some limit that is higher than the apparent limit it has now. How high? I don't know. If only 10% of what the ID3V2 spec allows for embedding, that would be 1.6 MB. The point is to provide support for a large (and growing) diverse group of users who have different desires and/or needs than the users of 10 or even 5 years ago. Yes, I do NOT have a survey to support my statement of 'large and growing'.

4. then, you'd also have to change the source you use to get art. thats b/c once winamp handles/displays big art by default, it can't use small art as a source. it creates an ugly disparity.
First, you can't use statement 3 as a 'given' to justify statement 4 (really bad form). Furthermore, it does not need to be an 'either or' question. WA should smoothly support art up to some higher TBD limit than it apparently does now. WA also needs to provide the user at least two or three sources to choose from (but that's a whole 'nuther fight).

none of this is trivial. and i think to do what you want, winamp would have to cache and resize the art at scan time. if so, i don't want that, but i also could be wrong, there might be other ways to do it.
Finally, so what, again. Hard or easy should not be used an excuse or reason. Breaking ties with what were good design choices 10 years or even 5 years ago will have to happen at some point. Whatever the technique used, the point is that it is possible to do and should be done. Least of all, imo, for the sad reason of 'keeping up with the Jone's'.
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