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Mr Sinatra,

I don't want to turn this thread into a back and forth between us on this stuff. We can use PMs to do that.

Some of what I wrote was done in a joking way. Even so, I stand by my opinions and you stand by yours. Good. I believe we both know the difference between facts and opinions.

you told me yourself that most users don't stray from defaults.
That is an incomplete rewrite of what I wrote. So be it.

this is the first post i've seen where someone asked for such high res art to be accommodated.
There's always the first time. Does not mean there will be no other requests. Even if there are no more, so what. That does not invalidate the request.

Frankly, I don't care what most users do. I care about what I want to do and whether WA will let me do it and the way it will let me do it.

If I see a post asking for something and if I know a way to have WA do it, I post it. You do the same. I don't care if it helps one person or a million. I don't even care if my suggestion is used. It's enough for me to just make the effort to help. I don't care why you do it, it's enough that you do (when you're helpful).

I join the threads of others for problems I'm also having, in the hope of finding a solution or work-around.

I join the requests of others for stuff I would also like. I don't knock the requests of others for stuff that I'm not interested in. I'm not a WA developer with access to the source code, so I don't presume to know what is or is not possible to do.

Let's agree to disagree. I have little chance of changing your mind on some stuff and vice versa.
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