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Mr Sinatra,

I'm not mad. I find this amusing. I'm happy to continue the dialog on some of this stuff in PMs.

But to get back to what this thread is mainly about, as a former programmer I know how easy it is to put limit checks on stuff in the program. Limit checks would keep a user from doing something that could cause him problems. I also understand why limit checks are not used on everything.

Those who want to use embedded art can do so and put the appropriate limits on themselves. For scanning, they need to do it in stages (basically watch the memory rise and stop before it reaches crash level, then restart). This is the current 'cost' to the user for doing what they want to do in this area.

For other art related stuff, the user needs to figure out what the WA limits are and try to stay within them or find the possible work-arounds that let them do what they want.

It's fine for 1 and/or many to request the limits be changed without having to worry about a WA cost-benefit analysis that requires information they do not have. So what if there is a great chance nothing will be done. It's probably a greater chance nothing will be done, if the request is not made, imo.
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