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fine, but again, for the record, i never said that someone should not make the request, or that the request was invalid. i did however say that i think there is not yet a good enough rationale behind it to justify it, based on the factors i've laid out, so any reference to cost/benefit analysis was only to explain in response to being questioned; its a strawman to imply, if you are, that i am suggesting users make such an analysis prior to a request, b/c clearly, i am not. i am entitled to my opinion, and when asked, i tried to explain why i held that opinion.

in any case, request away.

also, so no one reading this is confused:

Originally Posted by damenace View Post
any other app copes with that no problem. no questions asked.
and i'm sorry, but we are not in the 90s anymore, where processing power or storage or ram are a limiting factor. this is simply a problem in the code.
Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
well, other apps might cache and resize images for display, but thats a tradeoff scanning timewise.

i have np with the current design choices winamp has made artwise. i also think its designed with minimum specs in mind, not max ones.
Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi MrSinatra,

Since the ID3V2 spec allows up to 16MB for embedding art, 3MB is kinda minimum.
Hi-res art is here to stay. To stay 'relevant', WA will have to address this, imo.
i just want to be clear that my post was about "machine specs" not tagging specs. i'm not sure that was understood.

i'd also be curious to know what apps he uses that handle mega art np, b/c if its itunes, i'm pretty sure they cache it on HD. what else?

as to the actual issue, like i said i don't think winamp actually makes a "permanent cache" but what i think it does do, is cache art into ram as you browse it, and then thats all lost once the app is closed. thats why i think i see my ram fluctuates and grow over time, as i scroll thru the art. but whats confusing then is why mega art is crashing the app only when scanned in big enough doses, (during scanning)? i wonder if winamp is actually loading all the art into ram prior to writing the DB, altho i can't understand why it would do that since it only seems to access the art on demand?

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