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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
That is very strange. Since your music server was offline, the only data WA had access to was what was in the media library database. Album art is not stored in this database so no images should have been shown.

Did this happen from a cold boot of the pc?
Yes, it is strange. The PC had been cold booted. And each time it boots up it is not connected to the server unless I expressly login by hand first.

I was not exactly "testing" this out for this thread. Just pulling up a list of albums I have not played in ages. And when the list came into view I thought "Odd, haven't I sorted all the art yet". Then twigged I had not logged into the server.

After I refreshed the search, all the art popped up.

What I cannot say at this minute is which albums were showing art before this scan and why they would be different. All stored on the server, and none of them had been played in ages. I will now pay attention in the future to see if there is a pattern.
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