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Hi Batter Pudding,

This may explain why some of your files display art when your files are off-line. I assume each art_*.dat file caches art up to a certain size and art over the max size are not cached. My art_60.dat is 70.6 KB, art_90.dat is 48.8 MB, and art_120.dat is 225 MB! Going forward, I intend to keep an eye on these files for size changes as I change my collection (currently only 6,186 files - all with embedded art of various sizes).

I further assume these caches are not used when only displaying art for the currently selected or playing track, but are used when displaying multiple images for tracks not selected or playing. This would be consistent with the large jump in memory usage when displaying multiple images (i.e. media library album views). It would also be consistent with the further increase in memory usage as more images are displayed that don't fit in any of the 3 cache files.

I hope WA development is quietly looking at album art handling and will provide an upgrade sometime soon. However, it would be nice to get a response (one way or another) from the devs. It seems we have yet to use the 'magic words' that will get their attention.

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