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@AMinifu: I am not exactly looking close at this issue, or even going back and re-reading the thread as it is not a problem for me. (And now I quickly scroll back I see the thread started months ago, then got distracted in pointless OT bickering) But yes - I had assumed that the images were cached somewhere due to my being able to "see" images from my server even when not logged in to it. I had just forgotten about these art_xx.dat files until someone mentioned the names.

And I would expect that this is being taken seriously by the devs. This thread started in the bugs reporting thread, but got hived off into its own thread by a mod due to the size of the back and forth discussion. Just remember that they NEVER pre-announce work or what is being updated. As an ex-dev myself I can understand this "lack of promises" as that way you don't break any promises.

Bigger art is going to cause more problems into the future. I know how much hassle I get in my day job now with people trying to email 20MB of photos out. And when it doesn't work, they then email them AGAIN but this time CC'ing themselves!! And then wonder why their own mail system is also broken....

Average Art and File Sizes are rocketing up in size and a LOT bigger than planned for in the original Winamp designs of the 1990s. This means the issues will eventually be addressed.
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