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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
@AMinifu: I am not exactly looking close at this issue, or even going back and re-reading the thread as it is not a problem for me. (And now I quickly scroll back I see the thread started months ago, then got distracted in pointless OT bickering) But yes - I had assumed that the images were cached somewhere due to my being able to "see" images from my server even when not logged in to it. I had just forgotten about these art_xx.dat files until someone mentioned the names.
I appreciate your responses. I got interested in the issue, as presented by the original poster, even-though it is also not a problem for me. My collection is still small enough to have it's album art fit within the RAM on my system, so no crashing.

I apologize for being part of the OT bickering. The suggestion made, to only use small non-embedded art, was (and is) not an acceptable solution for me.

I selfishly hope this issue is addressed before it becomes a problem for me. I now check WA's memory usage (if I have scrolled through a lot of art images) and if I find it excessive, I simply close and restart WA. The only problem with this work-around is that sometimes the main WA process does not exit with the rest of WA. But, that's another isolated issue.

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