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i've not read everything (or likely will do) but any displaying of album art be it from the cache or when loaded directly will use more memory as most embedded album art is done in formats which compress the image down and to be displayed requires decompressing them and that will use more memory.

the cache files are done as one for each size of artwork based on the option set for the library album art view and as such the cache is done so that it'll take what is taken from the tag, is resized to the setting of the view mode and then stored which is how it's been since the feature was added in 2007. maybe there are some things which can be done but i really struggle to see what could be done with a design which tries to use a cached version over re-reading from the original tag and converting everytime - there probably are things but my mind is full of cold and mush from a mass of data entry so nothing comes to mind at the moment.

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