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i really don't know and it's something you'd really need someone who knows the code to answer what is going on. though i'm not aware of anything directly preventing the OS's use of virtual memory to be blocked and i'm not even sure how that could even be done.

as for scrolling through the view it is going to cause things to be read from the cache so as long as the view is still open, if you keep scrolling then i would expect it to use more memory until all images have been loaded for all of the items in the view. however, as i said in my prior post i'm not really sure of what is going on (and i just don't feel like looking through source code for something that i'm not all that interested in looking into as it's not something i'm obliged to work on let alone try to fix / change / etc).

as for Gracenote related issues, as all of their dlls are closed-source i cannot comment on what they are doing.

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