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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
is more likely to just end up staying as it is as it's a lot of work for minimal benefit (which i know you will disagree with but it's the truth of the matter of spending a few days or more on a mass of changes to the in-help handling vs the same time doing something useful with reducing resource usage which benefits everyone).
actually, I agree with that, b/c the argument you are making above is not the one I am making. I think an offline "help" system or whatever you are proposing is useless and time would be better spent on resource usage, features, etc; i completely agree!

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
an online version wouldn't work with how the help system works in the preferences against the idea i was talking about (since it'd be specific to how the preferences are implemented and not lend itself to web based help).
where I disagree is that an online USER written document tied to pref dialogs is useless. I'm not sure why you seemingly want to do help offline anyway esp since you already have come to the correct conclusion that it would serve no purpose esp vs time spent elsewhere.

but the real benefit of online documents, besides linking dialogs to the exact area explaining them, is that you guys would NOT need to spend time creating content for it, the users could write the documentation, and the value of the ability to reference that documentation online via forums and email and so on is self evident, imo.

so, I'm sorry we disagree on this, b/c I think it would be really a great thing for winamp with minimal dev time invested.

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