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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Ok, I get your concern now. But if you want Winamp and WMP to use the same image, then you have to use an image named "folder" and you're stuck with the current situation. Namely, having that image changed at random by what you call "windows malpractice".

Explorer, on the other hand, can and will use a number of variously named images, what Windows provides for it and what you provide (if you delete what Windows provides and name your images the same way).

In this case, trying to get multiple apps to always use the same image is probably a hopeless cause.
this is what I tried to explain earlier.

afaik, windows explorer only works with Folder.* (or maybe only Folder.jpg) if using external files.

if i want that to remain the case, but be more robust from a winamp POV, I could specify a filename, say xyz.jpg to winamp, and let Folder.jpg be the backup. that would be the opposite of what I do now, (b/c I do not have the options available being discussed in this thread)

so yeah, windows / wmp might still overwrite the backup file, but them doing that will ALWAYS be a possibility and concern, there is no way out of that, IF you want folder art in explorer. but my main art would remain unaffected, and I could use it to reinstate the backup, should malpractice ever occur.

(I started using backups in the folder long ago b/c I noticed the windows/wmp thing, but also that viruses would target folder art, b/c at that time my art files were also system files, since WMP provided them. since them I have mass converted them all to just hidden archive files)

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