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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i was just stating my position. as obviously there's other things you're wanting, but as time and resources are limited (since i'm the only dev), i've done what i will towards things for local artwork and if you want to go into more of what you want to see, then i am not stopping you - but it's just looking like the ratings thread all over again with going down a rabbit hole for _everything_ that could be done and that's just not practical.
I am happy with EVERYTHING being done and I am NOT requesting anything else be done, at least not in the post that you replied to, (all art in one folder). personally, I think that's a dumb way to store art, but I only mentioned it in case you and aminifu (or others) didn't know about it, and if it were "easy" to implement as the other similar sounding things you two were talking about seemed to be.

I agree its very rabbit hole-ish.

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