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Originally Posted by Nitorami View Post
The smooth appearance of milkdrop is mostly owed to iterative blur operations, which are the opposite of sharpness. Milkdrop needs no sharpness, and 4K is already a waste. Of much more importance is the frame rate particularly for fast presets which may look significantly better at 60fps than at 30. When going for extreme resolution, you'd probably have to sacrifice the frame rate, as all these pixels need to be moved to the screen each frame. Don't do it.
I agree with you about framerate, but disagree about resolution. Each resolution step-up produces significantly better-looking graphics in my humble opinion. I did quite a bit of testing with it. 4k looks amazing to me - way better than 1080p. So I imagine I would like 8K even better. I can't imagine stepping down the resolution from 4k for any reason whatsoever. 4K looks just incredible. But you make a good point about framerate being extremely important.
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