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Many people at the G-Force forum at noticed that Apple came out with a new media player, called iTunes, who's visuals are very similar to G-Force. Many of us speculated that Apple stole the concept or code, but it turns out that iTunes "works with" or uses G-Force according to a MacWorld article.
There are several commercials Apple has made that feature the GF visuals being used on an iMac, but yet there is no mention of GF on TV or on their website.
This raises a whole bunch of issues:
Why doesn't Apple's website (or the commercials) mention that the G-Force plugin creates the visuals?
Why don't they give any credit of the visualization to Andy on their website?
They act as if these visuals are only available with iTunes, they use it to sell their iMacs (in their commercials), and yet Andy, the creator of G-Force & WhiteCap, doesn't seem to get credit where it's due. I think that's evil of Apple to do such a thing.
Well, what's your opinion on this?