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way too anal guys....

why should apple mention it at all? for starters, apple gives itunes away for free. secondly, considering that itunes is a 'closed' program (no plugin support), it'd be kind of dumb to see a screen say 'g-force' when you start it up - it'd just confuse the majority of users. third, the iTunes software itself is just a rebranded version of Soundjam that was stripped of its more exotic features.

in both cases apple paid to have the software 'branded' as its own. this isn't done so much as a way of saying 'look at this cool thing i just made' but just a nice and tidy way of pushing apple into the mp3 software field. i'm sure in whatever agreement that both software authors signed (Soundjam and G-force), it was implied outright that the software would not bare any signs of their heritage.

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