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like i said, why should apple acknowledge what powers the visualization?

most people who downloaded iTunes did so because of the convenience the software package is as a whole. it's kind of absurd to say 'Visualizations are a port of G-Force, which orginially appeared on Winamp' or something of the like on the website. the end user doesn't need to know nor should they even be offered the information. if andy signed the contract and is happy with it, i dont see why anybody on the outside should be making a fuss out of it.

besides, g-forced is based on geiss. it may not be the exact code but it was inspired by it - should that be mentioned at every turn as well? let's see, windows 9x has a GUI that draws its foundations from Macintoshes. IE and Netscape Navigator both are based on NCSA Mosaic - the first GUI HTML Browser...

ideas are borrowed, stolen or just bought out all the time.

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