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What I meant was this: I need to use audio formats that do not create additional problems; and I need to use more than one audio format for convenience of the workflow and to prevent mistakes. [Some file formats do not allow to use certain special characters or allow but treat them as various indicators / markers. And I use one and the same icon for every audio format but in different color in order to differentiate between them because every format means something different in my system of audio files]

I already use FLAC and M4A: FLAC as a go-to-format with the M4A for very special purpose. [But it seems now that main issues with M4A that I had in regards to Mp3tag are now gone- so I think I can start using M4A instead of TTA or examle, while using TTA forthe purpose for which M4A I utilize now]

As for the Æ issue- do you confirm existence of such bug?
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