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For Winamp 5.x specific issues, please check the Troubleshooters thread first:

Please check these first before posting a new thread.

In the unlikely event that these links don't provide you with your answer:
When posting a new topic, please try to be as clear as possible.
The more precise & detailed info you can give, the better!
Unobvious spelling mistakes and bad phrasing do not help!
It also helps if the title of the topic is relevant to the problem.
Please include any relevant system specifications, especially if
your problem is more Windows related rather than a Winamp one, eg.
CPU + speed | RAM | Motherboard | Windows OS | Soundcard | Videocard
Browser + version | Internet Connection type + speed | DirectX version | etc.
Also provide details of any third party Winamp plugins you are using.

RE: Converting Encoding Decoding Ripping Burning etc:
Covers everything - all formats (Gandalf's masterpiece)
MP3 to WAV - 1 | MP3 to WAV - 2
WAV to MP3
MID to WAV with <2.8x - #1
MIDI to WAV with >2.9x | MID to WAV with <2.9x - #2
AudioCD to WAV / MP3
Re-encoding MP3
Audio to MIDI (TS-AudioToMidi Realtime Converter)

For Winamp 5 Ripping & Burning, see the Online Help

RE: Recording to WAV or MP3 via the Line-in / microphone: [mp3] [wav]

RE: How to convert WMA to WAV with Winamp:

Re: How to play Windows Media streams (ASF/ASX) with Winamp (<2.8x) (<2.8x) (2.9x) <= easiest way to fix this issue (Dro's Playlist Loader Plug-in) (added 25 May 2005)

Play WMA with soundcard already in use to prevent MMSYSTEM004 Error:

RE: How do I remove 3rd-party plug-ins / skins:

Skin menu appearing in playback menu in v2.78c (Veritas CD Burner plugin bug) (no bookmark list)

RE: Playlist Problems & Tips:
Large playlist management/plugins
A full list of Playlist Management plugins

How do I create a playlist:

RE: Skipping / freezing / distortion, clicking & popping during playback

1) Winamp 5.x users, see here first:

2) Winamp 2.8x users, install this official update patch: Winamp 2.8x Update
(Includes latest waveOut and DirectSound Outputs, plus selected Input plugins)

- watch this space for further developments

For 2.8x freeze-up issues, see here and here

Important: wa2update patch is obsolete under Winamp 2.90
2.9x users should NOT install the wa2update patch.

Main solution: upgrade to Winamp 5.x
Even by just installing the Lite version, you will then have the equivalent latest version of Winamp 2.x

3) If the skipping problems persist:
* Note: some of these links are outdated and relate to pre 2.8x versions (vgakills!) (v2.x DirectSound tweaks)* (DirectSound update)* (v2.8x DirectSound Manual)* (WaveOut tweaks) (busthrottle/smooth scrolling) (Win9x/ME system.ini tweaks) (Gen. fixes/Windows tweaks) (Increasing buffer) (videocard/resolution) (WA tweaks/sound drivers) (IRQ sharing) (IRQ conflicts) (Win2k ACPI irq sharing) (poor quality playback) (distorted playback) (CD related skips) (DS tweaks/Network card) (skipping: further tips?) (typical user error!) (Win2k crackle+pop/NIC) (IDE Controller driver) (background apps)
Search results for - keyword: Smooth Scrolling

4) WDM Soundcard driver issues:
Choppy or no sound with WDM drivers : Win98/ME
Problems with soundcards that do not support WDM drivers
WDM Update for Win98SE - kmixer.sys
WDM Update for Win98SE
Full Micro$oft Knowledge Base search

5) VIA Chipset woes: (Via/Southbridge vs SBLive) (Creative cards, pci latency patch)

6) Aureal/Vortex & Diamond Monster MX300 soundcards with Via chipset (Win2K/XP)


RE: KERNEL32.DLL error (invalid page fault / illegal operation): (McAfee related)


RE: MMYSTEM002 Error (Device ID out of range):

RE: MMSYSTEM004 Error (Device already in use):

RE: MMSYSTEM007 Error (not enough memory):

RE: MMSYSTEM032 Error (aka: Error Code 32 - Unsupported PCM Format)

1. Couldn't Find Destination Format (Problems with DivX/MP3-Layered WAV Files)

Guaranteed Fix for error #1 c/o
If this link is down, try here or here instead.

RE: MMSYSTEM032 Error : Problems with 8-bit/24-bit/32-bit files
2. Specified Format Not Supported, Use Capabilities Function

Update: Please check this thread for further details/fixes for error #2 (wa2update)

RE: Could not create Direct Sound Object

RE: Problems with File Formats & Erroneous Associations: (extensionless files 1) (extensionless files 2) (extensionless files 3) (jpg association) (general filetypes) (mpg association) (exe files + others) (general instructions) (Real formats/NiceMC combo) (jpg & gif pt.1) (jpg & gif pt.2) (IE5 .pls bug) (Winamp Media Files) (aol media player) (AudioCD / Streaming MP3) (in_midi : Online Help File)

All my mp3's turned into vbs files:

How to assign different icons to associated file types:

RE: Problems with AudioCD : Playback / Association / Autorun / CDDB (autoplay 1) (autoplay 2) (autoplay WinXP) (MMJB "associate with" bug) (Win9x/ME regfix) (Win9x/ME fix) (Win2k fix) (WinXP regfix) ("associate with" again) (more of the same) (general CD issues) (CDReader/CDDB) (no audio with CD's) (more of the same) (more of the same) (ditto/CDReader/ASPI) (association/burning/etc) (double entries) (ditto/CDReader/etc) (gaps between tracks) (gaps between trax/CDDB) (gapless play again) (WMP=default in XP) (WMP=default in XP) (CD crashes windows pt.1) ( 2) (multiple wav's / cdfs.vxd)

Tutorial on how to use (or disable) Gracenote CDDB function:
How to Configure Winamp to access FreeDB

RE: Problems with CDDB & proxy / firewalls [further tips]:

RE: ASPI Driver problems & downloads (CDReader plugin related): (Win9x/ME) (Win2k/NT/XP) (Win2k)
Adaptec | Support | Downloads | aspichk.exe | ASPI Updates

RE: My dial-up / browser automatically opens when I run Winamp:

RE: Winamp keeps turning my volume up/down:

RE: Changing back from disk writer to wave-out plugin:

RE: How to make Winamp automatically start playing at startup

Winamp 2.x Command Line options:

RE: How to prevent other sounds from playing simultaneously (eg Windows events)

Re: How to save internet streams (eg. radio stations) to HDD

RE: Using EQ Presets or extra plugins to fix varying volume levels (normalize/auto-gain)

Seeking problems and incorrect file length display with vbr mp3's:

RE: Real Player related problems: (.MPGA association) (.MPGA association)
How to Unassociate RP8 from Streaming Playlists & Make Winamp the Default Instead
Mugged by RealPlayer
Help! - RealPlayer is still screwing me - guaranteed fix (file format associations): - further help: (dead)

RealPlayer files & reg entries required to play Real Formats in Winamp w/o RP

A list of available Real Audio/Video plugins

Old versions of RealPlayer (all versions) (RP7 Basic)

RE: Problems with Wild Tangent plug-ins (games/visualizers):

Milkdrop plugin info & support:
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports
Feature Requests
Share Your Presets

SB Live/Audigy & Creative PlayCenter2/3 related issues: (gen_nomad.dll) (ctmp3.acm) (crackles, clicks & pops) (Via/Southbridge vs SBLive) (Audigy problems)
Latest SBAudigy drivers:
Latest SBLive drivers: 1 | 2 | 3

ATI vs Creative - devcon32.dll conflict/compatibility issue:

Sign this petition to demand better tech support / drivers from Creative:

Problems with mIRC Ex plugin (100% CPU cycles)

A list of video/movie input plugins:

My Locker tech support / help: (dead)
Winamp Locker Service Discontinued

Fix for Problem with SysTray Display icon:

Support for multi-language / international Unicode fonts in filenames/tags:
Why Not Unicode?
Tixoft Font Plug 11 (Tixoft Plugin + Windows fonts) (more of the same) (general workarounds/fixes) (general workarounds/fixes) (Regional Control Panel) (Proof it works for some) (Proof it works for more) (more of the same)
Forum Search : keywords = unicode | international characters | language | etc
Peter's proposed fix for v2.78+ (Winamp 5.x tips)

Links to tips on ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags: = The facts against using ID3v2 tags

More Info on the MP3 Input Plugin:
Online Documentation: Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder plug-in v2.27 (x86)

Shoutcast - Info/Tips/Support:
SHOUTcast Technical Support Links and Information: Read Before Posting
ShoutCast Home
ShoutCast Support Documentation
ShoutCast Broadcast Source
ShoutCast Server
Shoutcast Troubleshooting
TSGH -> nak errors
TSGH -> How To Set Up An Internet Radio Station
Auto-Connection Tips
ShoutCast Tech Support Forum
ShoutCast Discussions Forum
How to play AudioCD's with ShoutCast
100% CPU with Shoutcast (search keywords=Webhancer/spyware/adaware)

Error Opening ACM Stream
For keyword: Error Syncing MPEG use the forum search engine
Also check out the txt & ini docs that came with:
1) the Shoutcast DSP (dsp_read.txt / dsp_sc.ini)
2) the Shoutcast Server (readme.txt / sc_serv.ini)

Problems downloading Winamp (mainly for aol users):
Downloads of all versions of Winamp c/o WinampHeaven:
http://www.winampheaven.da***** -OR-

Installer too small:

Installer CRC invalid (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum error)

Playlist Window - resize/oversize problem:
Playlist width: search keyword = pe_width
Playlist height: search keyword = pe_height

Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure:

Troubleshooter Guides:

How to thoroughly uninstall Winamp:

Ideal Links & Starters for Newbies:

Further tips on how to get quicker answers:

A list of MP3 Download Sites, Search Engines & File Sharing Programs:

Or, for a good laugh, try these:
Winamp Forum Members Pictureland v1
Winamp Forum Members Pictureland v2
Lame Winamp Ads - Archives |
General Discussions | Bitchlist | Nullsoft Propaganda Forums

[more to follow]

If none of the above are of any help, then please try the search facility before posting a new thread.
It's still quite possible that your question has already been asked & answered before.

Examples of some of the more popular search keywords:
MMSYSTEM032; MMYSTEM002; MMSYSTEM004; Invalid page fault; kernel32.dll;
msvcrt.dll; Playlist size/resizing (pe_width / pe_height); Line-in commands; etc.

And remember . . . always read the FAQ first !

You also now have the further options of checking out each individual forum's "Read This First" section; and you can also visit the "Tech Support's Greatest Hits" forum for even more FAQ's.

Also, please only post your question in one of the forums, preferably
the one that you feel is the most relevant. Posting in more than one
forum is what we refer to as crossposting and is not cool whatsoever !
If no-one has answered your question after a few days and your thread
disappears off the first page, simply post a reply in the same thread
to bring it back to the top again. A simple "Please help, anyone ?"
will suffice, unless you can add any more info to help us further.

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Recompiled by DJ-Egg with many thanx to Jayn for major editing assistance

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