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Here's a few more potentially very helpful links:

Winamp 2x related:
ZDNet Digital Audio Supercenter | ZDNet's Winamp Guide | ZDNet Help
WebAttack's Free Audio & MP3 Tools Download Guide
CNET's Winamp2 Walkthrough / Manual
CNET's "Install & Configure Winamp 2" Help
CNet's MP3 Troubleshooting Tips & Tools
The Winamp 2 FAQ
Winamp 2 On-Line Help
Winamp 2 Overview
Winamp 2 Walkthrough
Winamp e-mail feedback form
TSGH -> The FAQ List

Winamp3 recommended reading material:
Official Online Documentation:
FAQ | Overview | Walkthrough
Forum Documentation:
Winamp3 FAQ #2
Introduction To Winamp3
Winamp3 Tutorials:
wa3help.chm (currently being written, keep checking for updates)
Development News/Updates:

Windows Error Messages / Support Sites:
MS Support Knowledge Base
Windows 98/ME Error Message Resource Center
Windows Annoyances
Free PC Tech
User-Friendly Windows Help/Services | Downloads
Browser Support (IE)
IE Info Site
Tech Support Guy Forums
Suggest A Fix Forums
Windrivers Forums

Missing Files/Drivers (vb5/6; dll's; device drivers; etc): |

Windows Codecs: |;EN-US;q141801

DirectX Upgrades:
DX Media 6 & Patch (WinNT) | DX v7.0a (Win9x)
DXv8.0a (Win9x/2k/ME) | DXv8.1b (Win98/ME/2k) DX 9 (Win98/2k/ME/XP)

Check "start -> run -> dxdiag" for version details first.

VxD fix for Win9x/ME (prevents BSoD's)
CNet's Computer Internals Guide
CNet's Glossary of Computer Terminology
Windows Media Player 6.4
PowerArchiver 2001 v6.11 (best freeware zip utility ever!)
Old versions of software (Winamp, Real, QT, WMP, GetRight, ZoneAlarm, AIM, ICQ, PowerArchiver, etc)
The MeggaMusicWeb Top Essential Links page
English Dictionary

Free Virus Protection Software: (AVG 6.0) (avast! 4 free)*********

Free online virus scan:

Spyware/Adware removers:
SpyBot Search & Destroy:
Hijack This:
Spyware Blaster: (prevents known spyware from being installed)
Ad-Aware 6.0: |

Diagnostics Tools:
StartUpList (generates a list of all startup programs & running processes)
AIDA32 (system information, diagnostics and benchmarking)
MP3Utility (test mp3's for errors/corruption)
Encspot (determine encoder & quality of mp3's)
GSpot (determine codecs required for playback of AVI files)
vbrfix (fixes missing vbr headers etc in corrupt mp3's)

Over 100 auto registry fixes and tweaks for WinXP:

more to follow . . .

DJ - Egg
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