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Question Winamp and BT Not Sending Music Data to Car Stereo

First let me start off by saying that Winamp works well with my Toyota Highlander BT Radio. Here is one thing I noticed though. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 that has a stock MP3 player. Before I d/l winamp I would play my music through the stock MP3 player and the BT would receive the metadata from the MP3 player and the name of the song and artist were displayed on the car's stereo screen. The stock MP3 player won't shuffle song on a playlist. I like my music to be mixed up. I d/l winamp and noticed that the songs title and artist aren't displayed anymore on my stereo's screen. It's the same MP3s just a different player (winamp now). Anyone know of a way to solve this or is there a plug-in I could get? Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
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