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Originally Posted by mikkokh View Post
so I decided to create 5 new M3U files from data of backed up media library version... First of them contains all tracks which have one star rating, second contain files which have two stars, and so on... With those, updating of track ratings of another media library was guite easy.
that is about the simplest way to maintain the details if you don't want the ratings in the files (which is a point of contention as to whether that should or should not happen as ratings are subjective at the best of times e.g. you don't want to and MrSinatra does).

alternatively, you can make regular backups of the local library db with the backup tool ( so you can get back to a certain point, but depending on the crash and how / when it happens, you'd still potentially loose some of the ratings (though some is better than all). that can also be used for migrating settings (including the library) between installs as long as the media files it references are in the same place between the Winamp installs.

and also make sure you're using v5.666 build 3516 and install the in_mp3 and gen_jumpex dlls from as i've not heard of ml corruption issues with the most recent Winamp releases due to a load of work and crash fixes in the newer builds.
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