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Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze

Time codes of orgasms in this song:
from 1:24 When the first melody begins to 3:30 when the percussion begins is a slow orgasm of beauty and melody
3:58 when the flute lays it down for you
5:40 when the strings bring you up and the vocals bring you back down into the arms of the piano keys
6:30 the strings take you down until
6:45 when the vocals blow you away, gently
and then a break down and build up that takes you up and up, add in the strings to take you further until 9:00 when the chills are blowing down your spine

now at about 9:42 take the first movements/themes/orgasms in the song and mix them back in with everything that is going on now, make it all work together in a way that defies logic. Build it all up on top of each other until 11:10 where it ends and if you're listening really close it's a good thing because by this point you weren't breathing anymore.

fantastic song

you also will probably want to listen to Flute Fruit which is the track after that one just to bring you down properly.
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