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Originally posted by drknas
I quess this should work like u wanted. If u downloaded the package u would have noticed that this is how it normaly opens.
PHP Code:
script type="text/javascript">
radio_player() {'radioplayer.php?lang=&z=wmp&config=config''poppage''toolbars=0, scrollbars=0, location=0, statusbars=0, menubars=0, resizable=1, width=320, height=142 left = 100, top = 100');
// -->
<title>Radio Player</title>
<a href="javascript:radio_player()">Radio player</a>
this player is about perfect for what i've been looking for. only, when i think "embed" i would love the player itself to be embedded into my page.

i'm using joomla 1.5.8 and have the test setup at - how do i get the player itself to be on the page w/a click under it to put it on it's own?

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