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Win XP drag & drop between playlists?


WinAmp 5.63 Pro, clean install, no 3rd party plugins or skins
English language pack
Bento skin.
Desktop machine OS: XP SP3 Home 32 bit
Local: English UK
CPU: AMD XP 2400+
Memory: 1.5GB
Sound: integral Realtek ALC650
Graphics: GeForce 6200

WinAmp installed on C:\ Windows drive, Music on a separate internal drive in the machine.

Suspected bug in 5.63 that wasn't in 5.622 or 5.623.

Drag + drop single or multiple mp3 tracks from one playlist right hand pane to another in the left nav does not work: destination playlist hover highlight shows, and mouse pointer hover shows '+' symbol, but no entries are copied, no fault or other notification of error or anything untoward is shown.

Drag + drop from main Local Media / Audio artist or track listings into a playlist works fine.

Right clicking a playlist entry/ entries and using Send to / Media Library Playlists / (select a playlist) also works fine.

I uninstalled and re-installed 5.63, and restored settings from backup using the WinAmp backup tool. This made no difference.

I uninstalled 5.63 and re-installed 5.623 and restored settings using Winamp Backup tool: drag & drop between playlists worked fine. Re-installed v5.63 over the top of 5.623 and the problem returned.

I could not replicate this on a Win 7 SP1 64bit laptop, Core Duo 2.2GHz with 8GB RAM, clean install of WinAmp 5.63 with Bento: drag + drop between playlists works fine (songs were from the same drive as above on the desktop PC via a home network share).

I did replicate this on an Elonex WebBook, 1.6GHz VIA C7 proc with 500MB RAM, XP SP3 - first clean install Winamp, 5.63 with Bento, no 3rd party stuff. I used a single song, again from the shared PC drive on home network as above. Drag + drop between playlists didn't work.

Hope this helps!

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