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"When loading multiple files, sort files by name" starts with last

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
JTFE will not help with what appears to be a sorting issue within the Winamp core itself (though that's assuming that sorting is even being applied as it has _always_ been that the first item selected in multiple items in Explorer is the first one in the list when sorting is disabled).
@daz : indeed, I have the same behaviour when the Winamp sort option is disabled. Probably Windows Explorer sends the list in this order to Winamp, but Winamp "sort" does a "no-op".

On XP, the problem is not reproduceable consistenly. To reproduce it more often in XP, if I select all MP3 files in a directory except the first one, the last one will appear first. Also, when Winamp is already opened, this seem to occur more often.

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