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Hi DJEgg,

I don't want Winamp to display the stream title, I want it to display the artist and title from the ID3v2 tag in the song like it does when playing the file directly from the harddisk. Anyway, if you mean the 'Include stream name in title' option under 'SHOUTcast titles', it makes no difference if I activate that or not, Winamp displays exactly the same in both cases (the URL the stream is being played from).

My MP3s have correct VBR headers. They have been encoded by MusicMatch and have had VBR headers added with Mp3/Tag Studio. If I play them directly from disk, Winamp does read both the ID3v2 tag and VBR header correctly, but when streaming the exact same file over HTTP, it ignores both...

I don't think the bug you mention applies (since Winamp can play the files correctly when playing them directly from disk), but even if it did, it shouldn't affect the processing of the ID3v2 tag, right?

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