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Cheers for the link.
First thing I noticed (after it connected ok) was the "reading id3" message . . . but, like ya say, it failed and only the filename was displayed. The stream then plays fine.

It's looking like an MMJB Xing encoder bug to me . . . still not sure.
Did you try the vbr fix?
Or there's still a chance it could be the FhG vbri issue . . . again, I'm not rightly sure on any of this . . . it's more in Peter or Wish's field of expertise than mine. Where are they when ya need 'em, eh?

I'm not going to download the mp3 to my HD, but I suggest you try the vbrfix and also try editing the ID3v2 tags in Winamp's editor (Alt+3).
Either that or don't use MMJB p.o.s.
I recommend using either CDex or EAC with the LAME Encoder instead.

There's still a chance that someone else might come by to either sort this out properly or give some kind of confirmation, but in the meantime . . . good luck!
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