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Bug with winamp MOD plugin.

Winamp v5.552 x86 Apr 10 2009
Windows XP Home SP3
I'm using the Big Bento skin.

Plugins in use:
- Bundled NullSoft Plugins
- Monkey's Audio Player v4.04
- GC Stream Player v0.23 beta 4
- NEZplug v0.9.4.8
- Alpha-II SPC Player v3.2
- Winamp TV
- 64th Note v1.2 beta
Output (Selected only):
- Nullsoft DirectSound Output v2.49 (d)
Visualization (Started only):
- none
DSP/Effect (Selected only):
- none
- Bundled NullSoft Plugins
- Advanced mIRC Integration Plug-In v2.53
Media Library:
- Bundled NullSoft Plugins

Winamp can play this file fine, but when you try to add it to the media library, Winamp will crash.

I have tested this two ways.

1) Download this file somewhere.
2) File > Add media to library
3) Select the folder with the s3m file in it, or any ancestor folder.
4) Winamp will crash at the stage where it is reading file meta data and adding individual files to the library.

1) Download this file somewhere.
1) Check "Automatically add played files" in Options > Media Library > Local Media > Watch Folders.
2) Play the s3m file and Winamp will crash.
3) Uncheck the above option and Winamp will no longer crash when it plays the file.

Perhaps it is crashing when it's reading the file meta data, but Winamp seems to read the same data fine for track info display in the player, for the playlist, and for the file info dialog.

Side notes:

Note #1: The s3m file is 747 bytes over the attach limit when 7zipped. Thus I had to host it myself.

Note #2: I am also have more sporadic crashes and fatal errors when adding module-type media to the library (it, xm, mod, s3m, etc files) and I cannot limit these to a specific file. Sometimes the crash will occur AFTER the media import operation while I am trying to search my library, for example. Other times it will manifest as an out of memory dialog (when I'm not out of memory) or a standard runtime "invalid access" dialog (The code at 0xblahblah attempted to access memory at 0xblahblah, press OK to quit or cancel to debug). I think it's a problem with the MOD-type files plugin for Winamp since at least one of the dialogs mentions it. Unfortunately because of the random nature of these crashes I can't be more helpful.
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