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Conversion to WAVE format, useless ID3 in output

OS: Windows XP SP3;
Winamp: Clean Install v.5.56, no 3d parties plug-ins

Conversion from .flac to .wav produces useless ID3 TAGs. Output waveform file can't be edited with audio programs such as Adobe Audition. Audio editor can't find begin of waveform (RIFF WAVE) because of ID3 v2 presence, ID3 v1 also presents in output.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
I can't reproduce this.
We don't support ID3 tags in FLAC for starters, only Vorbis Comments.
We also don't support tags/metadata in WAV files either.
What method are you using?
Right-click playlist/ml item -> Send to -> Format Converter?
When I do this for FLAC files and convert to WAV using Nullsoft WAV Encoder, there's no metadata written to the resulting WAV file.