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[in_vorbis.dll] OGG properties dialog holds File handle open

OS: Windows XP SP3

The OGG/Vorbis properties dialog appears to keep File handles open unnecessarily. I presume this code is in in_vorbis.dll (v1.55).

Steps to reproduce:
1. In the playlist select an .OGG file.
2. Press Alt+F3 to show the track properties. Close it again (either OK or Cancel).
3. Optional: start playing a different track.
4. In Windows Explorer, attempt to delete the file mentioned in step 1.

BUG: The file cannot be deleted. The properties page (or related code) has not closed the file handle for the OGG file. (This can also be observed using the fantastic utility Process Explorer Process Explorer. Use Ctrl+F to search for ".ogg")

EXPECTED: I would expect the file handle to be closed whenever the properties dialog is closed.

By contrast, the .MP3 file properties dialog does not show this problem.

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Reproduced/Known. Thanks.
Old in_vorbis code is a nightmare :-(
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