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Today I found a small but probably easy-to-fix bug in Nullsoft Tray Control v2.1a [gen_tray.dll]. Clean install, no 3rd-party plugins.

If the length of a track is more than 60 minutes, it is an old Winamp tradition that the minutes are just counted up without any wraparound to hours. So the length of a two-hour track (e.g. podcast) is displayed as "120:00" in Winamp, and I like this behavior.

Unfortunately, the tool tip of the Nullsoft Tray Control icon does display the track position differently. It calculates the minutes modulo 60 - as it were to calculate the MM display in an HH:MM:SS display layout - but then only displays the minutes.

Example: Play position in Winamp: 93:27
Supposed Tray icon tooltip display: 93:27 (or maybe 1:33:27)
Actual Tray icon tooltip display: 33:27 which is definitely wrong under all circumstances...

Maybe someone could have a look into it. Many thanks in advance! :-)

See the following image (or attached image) for a display example.

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