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DeleteRegKey in Win7

I want to delete a registry key in Win7 but NSIS always looks in the Wow6432Node hive. For example if I have the following keys:
HKLM "Software\Product\badKey"
HKLM "Software\Wow6432Node\Product\badKey"

The following will remove HKLM "Software\Wow6432Node\Product\badKey":
DeleteRegKey HKLM "SOFTWARE\Product\badKey"
DeleteRegKey HKLM "SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Product\badKey"

Neither removes HKLM "Software\Product\badKey", which is the key I want to delete.

I have RequestExecutionLevel admin in my script. Without this no keys are deleted.

Why can't the script delete this key? Adding a backslash at the end of the key string doesn't help either, i.e., "Software\Product\badKey\".

I'd appreciate any help.
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