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1,5 min delay on shoutcast server

i've got a big problem.
i found a sponsor for our radio
but on the server have to run 2 radios.

the one is from our sponsor and it runs with darvin server.

our radio cant run throug darvin because its not possible to run 2 darvin servers.

we need 2 channels 24kbps and 56kbps.
we installed shoutcast server and everything runs wonderful,
instead of one.

we have a delay of over 1,5mins on live streaming.
if i say something oder play a new song, the listeners hear this more than 1,5mins later i did.

anybody knows how to solve this problem?
becaus this 1,5min delay is not holdable for us.

perhaps if it is possible write me a step by step

i hope anybody can help me fast, because its weekend and weekend is the only time to work on our server because only our sponsor can do this, and he is working during the week..

thanks for readind
and special thanks for everybody who can help me
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