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shoutcast is very cool,

but the buffer size and the absolutly worst thing that every positiv effekts overblend is that is not useable in any way for live broadcasting,
and live broadcasting is the most interesting way of webradio.

a bad name... every body i know says: shoutcast is really cool, but forgett it beacause of its live broadcasting inability.

everybody who wants to broadcast live cant use shoutcast, and there are tousands who wants to broadcast live..

the could give the new live broadcast able version another way,
and also breakups are mostly serverside bandwidth problems..

also for example winamp has got an own buffer.
if it breaks up to often you can increase your winamp buffer to prevent breakups...

i hope hope they will make a live broadcast able version as soon as possible..

i know that there is also icecast, but its in no way as comfotable as shoutcast, and also it has got no multi port support.
with shoutcast i can use one ip with 2 ports to play on 2 channels..
with icecast i have to consider the way i log in..

or does anybody know another streamserver software that support 2 channels?
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