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Ohhhh, i didnt notice that top part, my bad, gets towered by the pictured itself and not easy to notice once youre captivated by the pic

Its really nice to see that people have high hopes for Winamp too and not just the forum regulars.

You know, you could do a featured skin thing on the skins forum here the single interface ones that is, not the classic skins or the non-cPro modern skins with strange 1 billion split up screens.

The thing i really liked about iTunes (and to a degree WMP12) was that it was one interface, most people like that. In Winamp when i first ever tried it i couldnt stand it because it seemed Bento was the only SUI skin, and all the classic ones were just... archaic feeling to me. And oh god the modern skins that make nothing useable, i cant bear those u_u.

Up until i discovered cPro skins id have never taken Winamp skinning seriously, but theres almost no way to discover them. Theres like a billion ways to discover classic and modern skins on DA and other Winamp dedicated sites, but for the useable attractive SUI ones theres like nowhere to ago aside from looking through the cPro submissions page lol.

cPro skins (well more recent ones atleast), in particularly yours (i swear im not kissing up here lol) are really beautiful, itd be nice to be able to discover other beautiful skins, since, atleast imho, most Winamp skins are just blegh and eye gouge worthy.

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