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Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
Up until i discovered cPro skins id have never taken Winamp skinning seriously, but theres almost no way to discover them. Theres like a billion ways to discover classic and modern skins on DA and other Winamp dedicated sites, but for the useable attractive SUI ones theres like nowhere to ago aside from looking through the cPro submissions page lol.
DrO would say there are a lot of people like you -or like you were- who just don't look beyond Default skin because most aren't specially attractive. This may be related with newer user habits (traditional users are well aware of the skinning world, even if they don't use any), or no, maybe it's a bit more complex.
I don't know if cPro skins aren't having proper promotion, it just happens that there isn't too many new skins nor skinners. CPro has seen a golden age when a lot of skinners & coders were actively participating in the specific forum, but that went down along the "fade" of Winamp skinning in general.
Today looks like the current state of things is: A lot of users still like to use & download new skins but 99% of coders & skinners are gone to other apps or fields (I kind of track down a lot of them for Winampers).
And for the record, since last year, looks like the imminent dead of Winamp sparked more fan-sites than previous years, promoting them is a good way to promote Winamp:
Winampers // 1001 skins // Winamp FB Enthusiasts Group

Plus all the "homage" sites born after the 11/13 (most present in the 2nd post of the News thread)

Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
cPro skins (well more recent ones atleast), in particularly yours (i swear im not kissing up here lol) are really beautiful, itd be nice to be able to discover other beautiful skins, since, atleast imho, most Winamp skins are just blegh and eye gouge worthy.
Well.. I'm glad you like my skins so much, I like to think it isn't by chance, and it is related to my efforts to bring some of the newer visual trends into Winamp skins. Other skinners did the same in the past, but now it seems like I'm the only one continuing that idea..
Old skins were kind of a revolution in terms of UI, they sparked the flame of several of the styles you see in some skins today (realistic mp3 player look, "alien tech" style, semi-transparent, minimalistic, etc), but now they are all too old and that's why Winamp often looks like a "player from the last decade".

Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
You know, you could do a featured skin thing on the skins forum here the single interface ones that is, not the classic skins or the non-cPro modern skins with strange 1 billion split up screens.
I will actually add it to my note-txt of Threads ideas (I have a few), there will be various kind of skins actually. NOW I like to use SUI skins but back in the day I liked Windowed skins too (there are a lot of awesome skins out there). I would probably split the thread in "best eye candy skins" and "best practical skins" (both in the same skin aren't really too common hehe..).

PS: I know I said "spark" too many times, it just got stuck on my mind and EVERY TIME it seemed fitting hahaha..
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