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well it does in this case because it's subclassing the main Winamp window and isn't following what needs to be done to maintain a unicode window proceedure i.e. you get screwed over as the user. and i don't know what it's subclassing the main Winamp window when it's an output plug-in, but because it is, things break for you.

and it has always had the means to cause this issue, is most likely because we made sure we're loading _native_ plug-ins before 3rd party plug-ins (like this one is) that is why it's now showing up.

and i'm now looking into why my unicodetaskbarfix plug-in is not fixing the issue with the plug-in (like it should be).

so yes you should be annoyed, but at the plug-in author, not at Winamp. an in the mean while, i'm going to do what i can from Winamp's side to fix what is unlikely to be fixed by the plug-in author (which makes me a lot more annoyed than you are going to be about it all).
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