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i assume you mean my 'unicodetaskbarfix' plug-in? if so then that doesn't appear because it's a Winamp system component and doesn't show in the preferences (as Winamp doesn't list them by design) and is only via the info tool report or when looking in the Winamp\System folder.

either way, i've determined what's needed to fix the issue with the plug-in Audioburst FX with my plug-in (which is natively shipped with Winamp) so i'll either pm you a link to a test build once i've completed checking it or you'll need to wait a few days for the Winamp patch build which will be coming which will have the workaround for the Audioburst FX plug-in included.

the link on my site is purposefully broken as i've not had the time to update the site and was easier to break the download when what is shipped with Winamp is newer than i had on my site anyway. and considering i've been spending whatever time i have to fix further Winamp issues for the patch build which is coming and also having to fix issues with crappy 3rd party plug-ins like i'm now having to at almost 3am in the morning (hence why i'm a hell of a lot more annoyed about things than you are about all of this).
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