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The ML bold text issue also happens on two different PCs which are using the Classic skin instead (all WinXP, no ctfmon.exe / so no "extended unicode support" active, all German) and only on Build 3516. It all worked well before!!

I'm continuing using ml_local from 3512 to resolve this, but unfortunately I'll not have a compact exe installer for the best Winamp version ever (but somehow, I already feared that...).

PS: For clarifying: The "bolding" ONLY starts when I select a tree item below of "Lokale Medien" which does NOT draw a quarter-tiled style view but only a single list. For my install, this is ONLY the case with "Alle Musikdateien". So this is the only one I "may not click"...

On another PC, there is also ml_history installed and so it happens also when I click on "Recently played", which also draw a single list.

Other items such as Bookmarks ("Lesezeichen") that also draw a single list are NOT affected. It is shown here, AFTER having clicked on "Alle Musikdateien" and then on "Lesezeichen", which THEN is also bold.
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