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Yeah, Lord of Landmines wasn't too bad, remix-wise, I guess. Though, IMO, it had several allusions to EnergyAmp, but not much actual remixing. To me, it seems heavily "inspired by" EnergyAmp more than anything else, while not actually having any direct connection to it, and at the same time not really offering much that EnergyAmp already hadn't offered. It tackled the remix concept a bit loosely for some of the judges' liking, I guess - and I'm certain that making it blue wouldn't have changed much where that's concerned. As a stand alone skin it's very good, though I like Energy Amp better, and I like many of Monaux's other skins better as well.

LOLM was listed in the judges' top 5's more than almost every other skin (all except The Hollow, from memory), so it was popular with the judges - but it seems it didn't 'blow them away' as much as other remixes, as it didn't top any judge's list.

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