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I recently had to do a full round of password changes after a similar compromise at Gawker Media a few months ago. Now, back at stage one doing it over again... thanks, Winamp.

It is unreasonable to expect people to use a unique password for each and every website. I visit hundreds of websites, and I imagine the average person has a few dozen they regularly go to as well. I do use many passwords, but hundreds?

I would advise others here who don't want to use a separate PW for each site to use password 'sets', where you use 1 PW for a group of similar sites, and spread your PWs out amongst the most important sites you use (example: don't use your online banking PW as the same as your paypal or other very important site, to lessen any possible damage from a breach.)

Regardless, in this day and age it is suicide for a trusted site to not properly protect valuable data like this. I do so hope it doesn't happen again.
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